Becky G ON: Finding Your Sense of Belonging & How to Masterfully Block Negativity and Rejection

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Do you want to feel like you belong?  Do you want to block negativity and rejection?  In this episode we dive deep into what it means to step into your authentic self and the tools needed to do so. Today, I welcome multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Becky G. The 26-year-old global superstar's long list of achievements include four Latin GRAMMY nominations, four number one hits on the Billboard Latin Airplay Charts, and her debut album Mala Santa (October 2019) is certified 8X Platinum in the United States. In June, Becky released her latest single “La Nena” alongside Gabito Ballesteros giving fans another glimpse of what’s to come.  Becky G did not hesitate to dive deep into the heart of authenticity and self-discovery. We start by awakening to a deeper sense of self, shaking off those social constructs that keep us from being our authentic selves. It's a reminder that it's perfectly okay to embrace who we are and find happiness in that authenticity. Throughout our conversation, we explore the importance of creating spaces where our uniqueness is celebrated, not just tolerated. We also touch on the idea that it's alright if not everyone likes us - what truly matters is staying true to ourselves. In this interview, you'll learn: How to tap into your authentic self How to embrace your uniqueness How to take risks for success Why self-love is a must How to be persistent in adversities How stay focused on your goal Join us on this journey of self-discovery and connection, where we celebrate the beauty of being our authentic selves in a complex world. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:41 An awakening for a deeper sense of self 02:48 The social constructs that don’t allow us to be our authentic self 04:27 The concept of not half of this and half of that 09:12 You gotta make yourself happy and stay rooted to your authenticity 12:31 We need spaces where our uniqueness is accepted 15:17 We all come from something so much bigger than us 19:13 Maybe it’s okay if we’re not liked by everybody 25:13 “You have to be willing to do something you haven’t done to get the result you never had.” 28:49 The three-legged table: the mind, body, and soul 34:54 How do you create quality connections? 37:23 “Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.” 39:59 Always have empathy and compassion for yourself 46:56 Sometimes a good cry is the best way to release pent up emotions 51:46 “Everything happens for you, not to you.” 58:13 The healing journey of relationships that has ended 01:01:27 Who do you share your failures and successes with? 01:09:29 Starting an acting career after empowered personalities 01:14:49 Finding mutual spaces where you can change and grow 01:17:53 How do you stay open to finding your purpose you have in life 01:20:06 Do you believe in guardian angels? 01:23:45 Did we lose our listening ability when communicating? 01:06:37 Becky G on Final Five Episode Resources: Becky G | YouTube Becky G | Instagram Becky G | Facebook Becky G | TikTok Becky G | Website Want to be a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach? Get the Digital Guide and Workbook from Jay Shetty for privacy information.

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