Connect the dots, and master the game

Mark doesn't feel Coaching can be taught, but Evan does. Evan thinks that most people are bad at coaching, but that all can learn how to.  Evan still doesn't like Mark going to therapy. He believes it will keep Mark in a fixed mindset. Mark has been working on developing more of a sense of self-awareness, connecting the dots. Evan is excited about that but doesn’t think that Mark is anywhere near turning his weakness into a superpower. Tell the guys what you think about this episode, or anything really, by reaching out to them on Instagram @mark.drager and @evancarmichael.

Om Podcasten

As entrepreneurs, we all have something to prove. From those who doubt us to those who question us, heck, even ourselves. Mark Drager and Evan Carmichael get together each week for the Something to Prove Podcast to discuss the challenges that hold entrepreneurs back, share real-life stories, answer listener questions, and banter back and forth like an old married couple - to help listeners prove that they have what it takes to make it happen.