History on Trial

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12 Episodo

  1. The Crime of the Century

    Publicado: 20/6/2024
  2. The Trial of Tokyo Rose: Part Two

    Publicado: 6/6/2024
  3. The Trial of Tokyo Rose: Part One

    Publicado: 30/5/2024
  4. The Motion Picture Murder

    Publicado: 20/5/2024
  5. Radical Priests v. the FBI

    Publicado: 2/5/2024
  6. The Triangle Fire Trial

    Publicado: 18/4/2024
  7. Tabloids on Trial

    Publicado: 4/4/2024
  8. Garfield & Guiteau: An Assassin's Trial

    Publicado: 21/3/2024
  9. A Star-Spangled Speech Trial

    Publicado: 7/3/2024
  10. A Very Victorian Scandal

    Publicado: 22/2/2024
  11. The Manhattan Well Murder

    Publicado: 8/2/2024
  12. Introducing: History on Trial

    Publicado: 1/2/2024

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From the Salem Witch Trials to O.J. Simpson, trials have always revealed hidden truths about our world. History on Trial digs into famous legal battles from American history, uncovering the real story behind the headlines, and exploring the powerful cultural contexts that shaped the verdicts -- and still impact us today. Fans of true crime, legal dramas, and history alike will be captivated by the unbelievable cases that played out in the courtrooms of history. Hosted by Mira Hayward. New episodes drop every other Thursday.

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