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  1. Abi Clarke: “Beige is my favourite food category” | #10

    Publicado: 30/11/2023
  2. Ivo Graham: “Crisps should be an inherently shameful experience” | #09

    Publicado: 23/11/2023
  3. Vegan cook Calum Harris: “Harry Styles is my dream person to cook for” | #08

    Publicado: 16/11/2023
  4. Sindhu Vee: “Mustard is like a teenager with BO” | #07

    Publicado: 9/11/2023
  5. Pop Star Caity Baser: “I would marry Gordon Ramsay in an instant” | #06

    Publicado: 2/11/2023
  6. Tim Key: “Plugging the gaps with snacks” | #05

    Publicado: 26/10/2023
  7. Pop star CMAT: "Liquorice is the worst substance on the planet" | #04

    Publicado: 19/10/2023
  8. Nadiya Hussain: “You’re trying to give me heartburn!” | #03

    Publicado: 12/10/2023
  9. Jamali Maddix: The best pizza isn’t Italian | #02

    Publicado: 5/10/2023
  10. Chef Big Has: “Fusion food is b****cks” | #01

    Publicado: 28/9/2023
  11. Introducing...What A Combo

    Publicado: 25/9/2023

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Ever dunked your chips in a milkshake? Or sprinkled Bombay mix over an ice cream? Comedian Fern Brady is inviting some of her famous pals for a feast like no other - tucking into a bunch of the best (and worst) food combos about. Fern Brady is one of Britain’s most exciting comedians – according to The Daily Telegraph she’s the 48th funniest person of the 21st Century! You might know Fern from Taskmaster, Live At the Apollo, or her Sunday Times best-selling memoir Strong Female Character, but now she’s turning her hand to her true passion: FOOD. In this comedy podcast she gets to know her guests over three dishes: first, their perfect Snacking Combo – think banana and peanut butter, delightful! – then their Wild Combo – aka, the bizarre one you've never admitted to anyone before. Finally, they try the Twisted Combo, cooked up by the food scientists at Twisted (the UK's number one social media food brand). Which of the flavour combos will work, and which will just be a colossal fail? You might find some of them strangely enticing. Maybe you'll even be tempted to try them yourself! Why stop at food chat? If you want to see Fern's meals IRL just had over to the Twisted YouTube channel. A Twisted & Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts and follow us @sonypodcasts To bring your brand to life in this podcast, email [email protected]

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